SALES AND RENTALS:  Estoppel Letter at Closing


If a sale is going to take place, please request an Estoppel Letter by emailing  the form to or by calling  954 653 8015.  The normal processing time is 7-14 days. 

However, rush job can be requested for $200.00 if shorter processing time is required. 

The cost of each and every Estoppel Letter is currently $150.00 each request and is to be paid by the seller.  Please download the letter below.

Also, there is a new owner processing fee of $250.00 to be paid by the buyer at the time of the closing. The application is available for download below.

Currently, board approval is not required for a sale to take place. However, seller is required to provide a copy of the by-laws to buyer at closing. A copy of the HOA by-laws can be obtained by contacting the Board. A copy can be provided for a price plus shipping and handling.

About pending violations

In the case of a property sale, the Architecture Review Committee will perform an inspection of the outside on the property. Any visible violation will be recorded and included in the Estoppel letter so that buyer and seller can be made aware of the violations.  We expect any pending violations to be resolved before closing or no more than 30 days after closing of the new owner decides to accept the liability.


Fee schedule 

Estoppel letter:  $150

Rush Order for Estoppel Letter: $200.00

New Owner fee: $250.00 and up


FOR RENTALS: Please follow the rules

Attention Homeowners: Rental fee required !!!

If you are thinking of renting/leasing your home at Addison Estates, please know that a fee of $250.00 is to be paid for each new tenant that occupies your home.


Also, a copy of the rental agreement is required for each new tenant. The application must be filled and approved before the tenant can move in.

You can drop a copy in the community mailbox or send a copy of the document to:

Prestige Accounting & Bookkeeping Inc

7134 W Mcnab Rd

Tamarac, FL 33321