The community of Addison Estates is located in Coral Springs, Florida

This page is reserved to list homeowners' experiences with contractors who have done work in their homes at Addison Estates. This information does not represent an endorsement of any contractor by the Board. This page is only a testimony of homeowners with respect to their experience with a contractor. Homeowners who read these postings can decide for themselves on how to interpret them when choosing the related contractor.

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Roofing: I have hired a guy named Steve, running a one-man operation roof cleaning operation called Coolbreeze, to clean my roof. I used him a few times in the past and was pretty happy with the results.  After the last job was done, he reported that I had a few broken tiles and that he could repair them for $400,00.  I gave him the job. As it was getting dark, he told me that he would come back tomorrow to finish the job but that I could pay him for the full job now because he needed the money urgently. I paid him as requested and he never came back until I saw him 2 years after on another's  roof job. After my job,  I inspected the roof, i realized that nothing was really done. Since then, I have asked around and a lot of homeowners had bad experience with this guy. Word of advice: do not hire this guy to do any job on your roof. Make sure you know the state of your tiles before you let him clean your roof. A lot of tiles seem to be broken after he has cleaned your roof and he wants to get paid to fixed them while he has not expertise in repairing roofs. If you must hire him, Never pay him in advance until the work is done fully and to your satisfaction. Marc

Pool:  I have used Tony's pool for multiple jobs for my pool. Work is always done professionally. He does pool maintenance and repairs. have recommended him to a few neighbors and they seem happy. Marc