Board Activities

We have a new Board in place. Prestige Accounting has researched that vacancies on the Board can be filled by the Board by appointing new homeowners to the Board. At the last Board Meeting that took on 5/11/2017, some homeowners did volunteer to serve on the Board and they were approved by the current Board.

Here is the new Board:

Felipe Cortinas, President

Prasad Thomas, Vice President

Jefson Jeannestal - Treasurer

Ellen Kaplan, Secretary

 Cardiello, President
Marc Desruisseaux, Voce President
Daniela Cardiello  , Member
Salvatore Marra, Member 
Ellen Kaplan, Secretary
Felipe Cortinas, Member
James Cardiello, Member

Marc Desruisseaux, Member

Daniela Cardiello  , Member