Below are the approved House colors to be used to request approval for any new external paint job. 

Reminder: All external paint job requires prior Board approval and only with Board approved colors regardless of the current house color.

External Wall Colors


Sherwin William SW7012 "Creamy" is the house Wall color for all houses with colored roof.

All houses with WHITE roofs shall get Sherwin William WHITE Paint (Untinted) for the walls.


Homeowners must submit their trimming color with their approval request. Prior to submission, get a test can from the paint store of the selected color and paint a small portion of trimming band and indicate the spot in the approval request. An ARC member will visit the painted spot to visualize the selected color for final approval. 

Homeowners can opt to have Walls and Trims to be of the same color.


External Wall Colors

a) Sherwin Williams
        Allure White  SW 6343
Interactive Cream  SW6113
        Ice Cube         SW6252  (White)

b) Benjamin Moore

        White 284 00


Fame Orange  SW 6343
Techno Gray  SW 6170
Morning Fog  SW6255  (Grey)